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Elevator Conveyor System

Elevator: It is commonly used in all types of industries where heavy items can be easily transferred to another level.

Because the type of elevator varies, we will advise you to inspect which type of elevator will suit and meet your requirements in order to meet our customers’ items and requirements for transferring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is used to hang lifters?

In the figure above, we used a timing belt drive to pull up the lifter.

What's the specification?

Which could support a loading weight of up to 1 tonne and a height of up to 6 metres.

Is it high maintenance?

Low maintenance is needed for this elevator. However, for a longer life span, we prefer to service at least once a year.

Does your company provide JKKP?

We usually provide approval and meet the requirements of JKKP (JABATAN KESELAMATAN DAN KESIHATAN PERKERJAAN) before the lifter starts running to ensure safety and that the elevator is in good working order.

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