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Sorting Conveyor For Parcel

Parcel sorting conveyors are typically used by logistics and carrier companies to sort out parcels or boxes that arrive from various locations, gather in one location, and then sort out by our conveyor to the appropriate locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of belt or roller should I be using?

Contact us so that we can advise and provide for a better solution to handle your product without any hassle.

What is the conveyor's life span?

Additionally, conveyor lifespan is determined by how the condition is used and whether it is properly maintained.some of the user used the conveyor which our of the specification that have been request will also shorten the life span of conveyor

Where should you use parcel sorting conveyor?

A parcel sorting conveyor is typically used in manufacturing where there are many different types of parcels, such as at a logistics company, to sort the parcels to the appropriate station.

How big should I make for the conveyor?

In our opinion, the size of the space should be the first thing we consider in order to make a better proposal for your conveyor needs.

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